About Us

Humble Activewear was formed when two women struggled to find active wear that they were comfortable in.

Fitness being an important part of our lifestyles meant it was important for us to have active wear that was not only modest but also fashionable, this seemed pretty much impossible to find.

From wearing men’s shorts with leggings, running in long sleeve jumpers in the summer to savouring the one baggy tracksuit from back in the days. We decided it was enough and we were ready for change! We decided to create our own range of active wear that reflected our belief that every woman deserves to workout in something they feel comfortable in without compromising how it makes them feel. We hope this encourages women to workout as we hope to take away the burden of finding something to wear.


The purpose of the brand is to create active wear, which is modest, comfortable, breathable and makes all women feel great. We also inspire to make this world a better place in any way in which we can.

Therefore, we take the responsibility of being an ethical company very seriously. We aim to minimise the negative impact and aim to maximise the good from start to the end product.